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Tom Missios


VP - Food Service Ontario

Tom brings 30 years of industry experience and passion to food service.

A seasoned, food service professional coupled with strong business acumen. A dynamic record in the QSR segment, first in operations management with the international brand Wendys / Tim Hortons, then as a Regional Manager with Quiznos Canada. At the time, the Quiznos chain had a chain of 150 restaurants that grew to over 400 locations, including opening 100 in a single year.

A former restaurant entrepreneur owning several franchises and independent restaurants, Tom has best in practice consulting skills currently utilized in the food service industry, focusing on high growth, food service business development and implementing best in class business solutions.

Extensive expertise in building and leading geographically dispersed teams, contributing to an exceptional ability to engage clients and transfer knowledge and experience that result in enterprise value growth.

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