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Our passion is natural, organic, fair-trade healthy food…

With established relationships in grocery food chains, independent, organic and natural markets, distributors and institutional food service accounts, we can get your products into the hands of your customers.

Whether you are a brand-new company, an existing company looking to expand or a global company looking to move into the vibrant Canadian market, Salud Brand Management is just the partners you need.

What can we offer you?

We have the expertise to make your product a winner.

Our strength is digging down deep and getting to know you, learning about your idea, your passion, and your product.
Your packaging is one of your most important tools. We know how to make sure your package stands out and that your labelling is Canadian compliant.
We research current trends and compile data. We analyze, strategize and develop a plan to build a strong brand.
When it is time to launch your product we will make sure it is in the right place and at the right time.
Based on our research we will competitively price the product for a successful launch into the retail or wholesale market.
The story does not end once your product is in the stores. We continue to follow its progress making sure that your company remains successful.

Who we are

We will go that extra mile for you

Pareen Hassanally

A serial entrepreneur, Pareen started her journey owning and operating various businesses until she found her passion for food. An avid foodie and a marketing leader she successfully develops winning go to market strategies for new product launches and line extensions in the natural and organic food industry. With her financial experience, she has an eye on your bottom-line. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her family and friends, travelling and painting.

Catalina Giraldo

A confirmed social butterfly, Catalina is all about people and connection. She loves hosting parties, experimenting with new products and ingredients to wow her guests! She understands your needs and the needs of your customers. With a degree in Marketing and extensive experience managing accounts for multi-national companies, she has her finger on the pulse and knows what your customer is looking for and how to put it where they will find it.

Ha Le

Ha comes with a wealth of experience and expertise in marketing, distribution strategy and brand planning. Supporting sales by using data analytics, she executes winning and sustainable sales methodologies. Ha supports the brands with passion and hard work. She enjoys her free time travelling with her family, cooking and entertaining with friends and participating in outdoor activities with her children. “Get the job done first!” is her motto.


We love our clients

“Pareen’s friendly, professional style is backed by a commitment to hard work and persistence in representing her brands. She makes an effort to understand the needs of the organizations she works with so she can provide the most efficient and productive service possible, all while creating strong, dependable relationships with retailers, distributors, and colleagues.”

Gayle Thom
Director of Procurement + Marketing, Horizon Distributors

“With exceptional ethical values, operational aptitude and excellent customer service, Pareen has a strong understanding of the food industry and is well connected in the sector.
As our marketing consultant she guided us through the development of new products, and constantly sought out new markets. Pareen also led the non-GMO certification initiative and saw the process through completion for our company.”

Yasmin Amarshi
CEO Kans Gourmet Foods.  

“It’s been a pleasure working with Catalina. She is consistently meeting/exceeding her objectives and always looks for new ways to improve our sales team. Customers enjoy their interaction with her. She gives excellent presentations, and is a great ambassador at tradeshows and conferences. She has also taken the lead in several initiatives, particularly in developing our Latin America market. She is a complete team player who is always willing to learn. Her traits make her a valuable asset to our brand”

Rodney Noriega
Business Development Kryton International Inc.

“Pareen is a dedicated and hardworking individual, willing to place the needs of her clients first and accomplish tasks with an eye for detail. Pareen has an understated strength and passion that is refreshing and will draw you to her naturally.”

Sandra Shibasaki
Brand Manager, Horizon Distributors  

“I was always impressed by her reliability, integrity, professionalism and willingness to “walk an extra mile” to satisfy her customers.”

Jorma Neuvonen
Director Special Projects, UBC.

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